When you’re in need of legal support, you certainly want to find someone you can trust, someone who is sincerely on your side, and advocating for you.

Ashton Adair has been practicing law for over 18 years, focusing his practice in Criminal Defense, Business disputes, and Injury cases. He performed his internship with the City of Houston in which he was successful in about 90% of his cases.

When defending your innocence, negotiating or interpreting a contract, Ashton Adair is someone to be trusted.

Below are just a few examples of the many cases Mr. Adair has represented:

  • Possession of felony controlled substance: Not Guilty
  • Possession of marijuana: Dismissed
  • Manslaughter (Intoxication manslaughter): Dismissed
  • Possession of drugs (misdemeanor): Dismissed
  • Possession of heroin (felony): Dismissed by Motion to Suppress (Constitutional challenge)
  • Theft: Dismissed
  • Practicing Medicine without a license: Reduced to misdemeanor
  • Felony Assault: Dismissed at Grand Jury
  • Assault with a weapon: Reduced to Misdemeanor
  • Mr. Adair has also handled both civil and criminal appeals
  • Last criminal jury trial: Habitual DWI with 25 to life possible sentence: Hung jury
  • Civil trial verdicts: over $170,00.00 awarded for Mr. Adair’s client(s)

Defended a Church from a Homeowners Association Copperfield Place Property Owners Association v. St. Mary’s Orthodox Church of Houston et aI, Cause # 97-36495, In the 11th District Court of Harris County, Texas.

Trying a case against a large oil company
Eric Howard v. Exxonmobile Pipeline Co. Inc. et al Cause # 730883, In the County Court at Law Number Four of Harris County, Texas.

Suing a government entity
Katherine Arms v. City of Houston et al; Cause number 699924, In the Harris County Court.

Suing a government entity for medical malpractice
Safwat Kamel v. UTHSC et al Cause # 2006-35924, In the 152nd District Court of Harris County, Texas

Suing a large auto dealership
Garces v. Bill Heard Chevrolet, L.P. Cause # 02-cv-127288 in the 400th Civil District Court of Fort Bend County, Texas.

Successfully defending a Domestication of Foreign Judgment: opposing counsel: Vincent and Elkins, LLP EI-Ajou v. Abdelsayed, Cause # 98-12775, In the 234th District Court of Harris County,

Successfully defending a hot coffee case.
Nash v. Sedarous, Cause Number 683557, In the County Court Number Two of Harris County, Texas

Federal Court Practice:
Adarog LLC v. Scottsdale Insurance Company, Cause # H-00-41 04 In the Southern District of Texas;

Hired by Bankruptcy Trustee’s attorney (Now Judge Holly Williamson) to prosecute a breach of contract case

“Liability for Medical Charities.” Coptic Doctors Association- San Louis Hotel, Galveston
“Trusts and Wills-who needs them” – St. Mark Orthodox Church
“Law for the average person”- St. Mark Orthodox Church
City of Houston, legal department (criminal): 1995 almost all (over 90%) of class c misdemeanors trial cases won.
Immigration and Nationality Center under Judge Rankin and Lionel Castillo (Former U.S. Secretary of Immigration): 1995

Noteworthy civil representation:
Mr Adair was the only attorney for a large group of homeowners in Galena Park in the late 1990’s in objecting to the Constitutionality of certain laws affecting their homes and businesses in the area. With Senator Mario Gallegos mediating, the city of Galena Park agreed to not enforce the new law.
Represented a Doctor before the Texas Board of Medical Examiners
Drafted contracts for recording company and musical artist
Set up Trusts, Probated Wills, drafted Wills, Defended CPS cases, custody case, litigated complex construction cases, several medical malpractice cases, slip and fall cases, broken bones, wrongful death, soft tissue injuries, and drafted physician employment contracts and defended other physician contract disputes successfully.